How the CDC is getting a $1.4 million grant to help fight HIV in the US

Jul 27, 2021 User settings

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is giving $1 million to help the US fight the virus that causes AIDS.

The $1,500 grant, announced Wednesday, is for an independent group to conduct an online survey of HIV prevention efforts in the United States.

The CDC is working with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to help it conduct the survey, which will be the first of its kind in the country.

“We’re very excited to see this kind of work going forward,” said Dr. Thomas Frieden, director of the CDC.

“HIV is the most common preventable disease in the world, and we are seeing some very encouraging results from prevention efforts and other efforts to reduce the number of new infections.”

The CDC will also use the grant to launch a national public awareness campaign that will focus on reducing the HIV infection rate.

The NIAID will use the funds to continue to work with states to implement prevention efforts, including expanding access to treatment and reducing the barriers that HIV and other STDs present to health care workers and communities.

The CDC is also launching a new HIV testing program called the HIV Prevention Network to help educate people about the virus.

The program is designed to be as effective as possible, and will focus solely on testing individuals who have tested positive for HIV and to educate them about the risks of testing negative.

The agency is also helping states develop and expand community-based prevention efforts.

In the past year, the CDC has provided $15 million in grants for these programs, which include funding for HIV prevention education and prevention of STDs, as well as education for youth.

The new grant is not the first grant the agency has given for HIV research.

It also gave $10 million to the National Institutes of Health in 2014, to help build the National AIDS Registry.

The NIH also funded the National Center for HIV Research in partnership with the NIH, the Department of Defense and the National Science Foundation.

The grants are part of a larger effort to develop a national, comprehensive approach to the pandemic, with the CDC also supporting research and the development of a national strategy to prevent and control the pandemics.

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