What we can expect from the upcoming Destiny beta

Jul 28, 2021 Download file

A beta for Destiny 2 is set to begin on February 14.

The Destiny 2 beta will begin on the first day of the month, with the beta going live at 4:00PM EST on February 17.

The beta will also include a variety of Destiny 2 content that will be released at a later date.

The first phase of the beta will last until March 15.

The beta is expected to be relatively small, with a limited number of people able to participate.

The most likely participants are those who own Destiny 2 and who have purchased the game at launch, as well as those who have a Destiny 2 Beta Key, a limited edition game code that will allow players to access the beta.

The Destiny 2 team will be providing some hints about the beta in a post on Bungie’s official forums, which you can find below.

As previously reported, Bungie will be releasing a Destiny beta at launch.

The Bungie team has yet to confirm whether or not they will be continuing to provide a beta on launch day.

It remains to be seen if the beta is a part of the game’s pre-release event.

The Bungie team will also provide details on Destiny 2’s new multiplayer features, which include:The beta will run for 12 weeks and is expected for launch on February 15.

Destiny 2 will also be the first Destiny game to support asynchronous play, which will allow the game to switch between players on the fly.

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny 2 does support cross-server play.

For those looking to try out Destiny 2, there will be a number of perks and game modes available to players who sign up for the beta program.

Destiny is also expected to include a number more maps and gameplay elements, as the team continues to refine the game.

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