How Nordstrom is changing how you dress in 2018

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Nordstrom has come a long way since the company’s humble beginnings as a thrift store in Chicago.

But the retailer is now the top ecommerce destination for shoppers.

It has become the leader in apparel, shoes and accessories.

This year the retailer said it will spend $100 million on advertising and has set up a marketing department with 20 staffers dedicated to its ecommerce platform.

Its brand new online store is expected to sell $1 billion worth of merchandise by the end of 2018.

Here are 10 things to know about Nordstrom, the biggest ecommerce company in the world.


The company has grown fast since its humble beginnings.

Nordstrom grew from a few dozen employees in 1968 to a global business that now employs nearly 2 million people.

In 2018, it has more than 1.3 million active customers.

This growth has been driven by its strong relationship with the retail industry, where it has become a trusted brand and a trusted partner.

Nordysts revenue grew by 26% to $1.1 billion, thanks to the introduction of the ecommerce app

It also announced a new line of accessories in 2018, including a new dress from designer Bella Boudoir.


It’s a big store.

Nordys sales have grown by nearly 60% over the last three years, but its growth is mostly driven by sales in its Nordstrom Rack and online stores.

Its growth in the last year has been more than twice as fast as the growth in sales of traditional stores.

It had an annual sales of $6.6 billion in 2018 and expects to grow to $12.3 billion in 2019.

Nordies growth comes despite a lack of competition in ecommerce.

The majority of Nordstroms customers come from the traditional retail sector, with a quarter of the store’s sales coming from online retailers.

The retailer is also the only one of its kind to offer online orders for all merchandise, and Nordys own-brand brands are used across its stores.


The new ecommerce site is amazing.

It was developed using cutting-edge technology and features.

The site is a real-time marketplace for customers looking to buy or sell items online.

You can easily create a custom order with your email address and order the items to a destination with a click.

This helps retailers compete against other online retailers and save money.

It makes it easier for shoppers to shop from the comfort of their own homes, and the site also has features like an interactive shopping cart and live chat to connect shoppers with the store.


It is a new way to shop.

Consumers are more likely to shop at Nordys stores than other retailers.

According to a study by consulting firm Strategy Analytics, shoppers are spending more than $20 billion a year at Nordstrom stores.


It will be a big hit for the retailer.

Nordrysts growth is driven in part by its relationship with traditional retailers, which is a key part of the company.

The partnership has been successful in other areas, too.

It offers a variety of merchandise, including jewelry, accessories, bedding, and even the company is currently working on a line of clothing and accessories from luxury brands like Gucci and Versace.


It gets the most out of its staff.

About 70% of the employees at Nordystst work remotely, and some of them will work part-time or full-time to get the most from the new online shop.

The other 30% of employees work remotely.

This means they are able to be at the store with their own teams when needed and to be part of Nordys growing ecommerce community.

Nordyls employees work a flexible schedule, and their schedules vary based on the needs of their customers.

In fact, about 10% of all Nordys employees work more than 30 hours per week, which makes it the largest part-timers in the company, according to Nordystras CEO Dan Reiman.


It pays off.

Nordlysts sales have increased by nearly 20% year-over-year.

And its profits have risen by 30% to nearly $2 billion.

Its revenue increased 25% in 2018.

Nordymans profits are more than double that of traditional retailers and it’s the third-largest ecommerce business in the US. 8.

It can be a business.

In order to succeed in the e-commerce world, retailers need to attract a diverse group of customers and stay on top of customer trends.

In this case, the Nordys strategy is to grow its customers with unique products, which means that its e-shopping platform has to be a true collaboration.

This includes the use of an app called Nordstrom Moments, which allows customers to share photos and videos from their favorite brands.

By making it easier to share and collaborate on photos and photosets, Nordys app helps shoppers discover products that they love.

This makes it easy for Nord

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