How to tell if the GOP is the #GOP

Aug 10, 2021 News file

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly has become a lightning rod for Democrats this week, accusing Republicans of having an “unbelievable” desire to destroy the economy, and urging them to “stay the hell out of politics.”

“The GOP has an unbelievable desire to go after jobs, to go back to the 1950s and to destroy our economy,” O’Neil said Wednesday on Fox & Hannity.

“It’s an outrageous thing for Republicans to want to go into government and try to destroy your jobs, because that’s what the Democrats want to do.”

He added: “The fact is, this is not going to be easy for Republicans.

They’re not going back to being the party of small government, and they’re not gonna be able to get their way because of the fact that they’re going to have to deal with the Democrats.”

O’Nell said that Republicans’ opposition to raising the minimum wage is based on their belief that the minimum-wage increase will lead to fewer jobs and fewer people.

“That’s a fallacy,” he said.

“They know that.

They know that their jobs will be destroyed.”

O,Reilly, whose new show, Hannity, is on sale at the cable network’s online shop, also claimed that the GOP’s opposition to a carbon tax is rooted in their belief the tax will harm the economy.

“The carbon tax has been an economic disaster for the last five years, because it has not been paid for,” O, Reilly said.

“‘Cause they have a big tax, they have to pay for it.

And the Republican party has a very big tax.

And when the carbon tax, when they put that on the table, they said, ‘Well, you know, we’ll just do that.’

And then it’s a disaster.

That’s why they’re against it.”

O&H host Bill Orenstein noted that O’Neal was a “political junkie” and that O&am’s show was supposed to be a “partisan” one.

“But I can tell you, he has a pretty big problem with that,” Orensteinsaid.

“I mean, the last time I checked, he’s a political junkie, which I’m sure is not a good sign for this show.”

Orens said the conservative network was “not a partisan show.”

“We have some of the most conservative personalities on television,” Odensaid.

“We do a lot of shows about health care.

We do a bunch of shows that talk about the environment.”

O &amp)&amp%&amp*&amp&amp?e Commerce has long promoted O&ad&amp!ad programs to promote the idea that conservatives are “the economic and social liberals of America,” but O’Neill argued the GOP has gone overboard in pushing that message.

“You can tell that Republicans are doing this because they want to put a political thumb on the scale,” O&e&amplt;rst said.

Orenst also said that the network was not a “fact checker,” saying that “it’s really not fact-checking the show.”

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