How to sell a car to buy one for your kids

Aug 11, 2021 News file

The best way to sell your car is to sell it to someone who wants one, says a CBC Marketplace investigation.

That’s the takeaway from an investigation that revealed that people who sell cars online often don’t tell their customers they’re selling them to others.

Marketplace reporters surveyed nearly 2,000 people to find out the best ways to make money selling cars online.

It’s one of several investigations that Marketplace has done about the online trade in car parts.

Here’s what we learned: The key to selling your car online The biggest hurdle in selling your own car online is figuring out how to get in contact with someone who is interested in buying your car.

That can be challenging because people who are interested in selling cars often don.

Marketplace found that while it’s not a big issue for some people, it can be for others.

Many online car sellers advertise their cars as available for sale.

However, most people don’t know what their options are for making a purchase.

They don’t have a vehicle to buy, and they don’t think they’ll get a good price.

Marketplace surveyed over 700 people, and nearly half said they’ve made one purchase online from a car dealership.

They all told Marketplace they’ve bought cars from one dealership or another.

They said they don,t know how to contact someone in real life to make a sale.

Marketplace also found that car dealerships have become more accepting of online sales.

That means car dealers who have been reluctant to accept online sales are now open to them.

They are willing to pay a premium to sell cars at lower prices.

However in some cases, car dealers have begun offering to pay the premium for cars they have been selling for months.

They say they’re trying to find a buyer who wants to make the car.

The biggest drawback for selling your new car is making sure you’re ready to take the plunge.

Marketplace contacted some car dealers to find their preferred methods of dealing with buyers who want to sell their cars.

Some were willing to offer a discount, but the dealers told Marketplace that there are other ways to sell vehicles.

One dealership said it would take 10 minutes to sell the car if you can call it in for a short time.

Another dealership said you should wait until you have the vehicle to make an offer.

In many cases, people are willing give up some of their money for a car if they can get it for $1,000 or less.

There’s a risk to selling a car on a car showroom floor Marketplace also looked at other types of sales online.

There are people who say they want to buy a car from a private seller, but they don

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