‘Gucci’ to debut in China’s fashion week: report

Jun 30, 2021 News file

GUICASTO, China — “Gucci” is coming to China in 2019, the company announced on Monday.

“Gucci,” which was founded in 1950 in Italy and went on to produce more than 30 million pieces of clothing and accessories, is launching in the Chinese fashion week of 2019 in a move that’s expected to be a hit with consumers and boost sales of its flagship line.

It’s the first time a major fashion brand has been launched in China this year, said a statement from Gucci, the Italian luxury brand.

The Gucci brand, which is headquartered in Milan, is expected to launch the brand in more than 200 stores in China, with an initial focus on the Chinese market.

The Chinese fashion month will begin on May 10, 2019, and is expected with the arrival of the first batch of Gucci apparel, the statement said.

Gucci is expected bring the brand’s retail presence to more than 2 million stores in the country, according to the statement.

China’s fashion season begins in May, and in 2019 is expected as the most popular fashion season in China.

In a bid to boost its business, the Chinese luxury industry is looking for ways to diversify its brands, said Yang Jia, senior vice president of the Beijing-based China Fashion Week Association.

Gucci, which has a global reach, is one of the top global brands in terms of revenue, sales and profits, according an estimate by the China Fashion Market Intelligence Center.

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