How to use Amazon Alexa for Amazon Coins and eCommerce

Sep 26, 2021 News file

The latest version of Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, Alexa, is now compatible with the ecommerce marketplace.

While it’s still in beta, the new version of the Amazon Alexa voice service, now called Amazon Coins, now lets you integrate the Amazon Coins service with ecommerce transactions.

To use Amazon Coins for eCommerce, you’ll need to sign up for an Amazon Coins account.

Once you do, you can enter the Alexa voice command “Alexa, create a new Amazon Coins transaction.”

Amazon Coins users can then send funds to the e-commerce merchant and pay with Amazon Coins.

You’ll need an Amazon Payments account to receive Amazon Coins in the form of a payment, so be sure to set up your payment details.

Amazon Coins can be used to buy merchandise in Amazon stores or other retailers.

You can also make purchases with other merchants, and Amazon Coins can also be used for payment on Amazon’s own shopping sites.

For now, Amazon Coins are only available through Amazon’s ecommerce platforms.

Amazon has been aggressively expanding its commerce ecosystem over the past several years.

In 2014, Amazon launched its first commerce platform, Amazon Prime, and the company has since expanded its offerings, including Amazon Coins (which can be exchanged for dollars and other cryptocurrencies) and its own ecommerce platform, PrimeNow.

With Amazon Coins on the horizon, you may want to consider whether you want to integrate the eCommerce platform with Amazon Payments or Amazon Coins to pay for goods.

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