Why the GOP is facing an uphill battle in Utah in 2018

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A decade ago, when GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney lost the state to Barack Obama, the Republican nominee called it “a blue state.”

Today, Utah is the most red state in the country.

That’s according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau data, which shows the state has lost more than 11,000 jobs since 2008.

The U.C. San Diego-based organization also found that the state’s unemployment rate is more than double that of the nation as a whole.

“Utah has lost over 13,000 manufacturing jobs in the last four years,” said Mike Belsky, a spokesman for the U.H.S., the state party.

“And the unemployment rate has risen to more than 10 percent.”

In the 2016 election, Utah Republicans won a narrow victory over Democrat Evan McMullin.

McMullins populist platform, which focused on creating an economy based on “growth and opportunity for all, not just those at the top,” did well in Utah.

But Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, won the state by nearly 5 million votes.

Utah is a key battleground state in next year’s presidential race between Trump and former Secretary of State nominee Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, McMullinaft’s campaign built on a strategy that saw it rely heavily on Trump’s promise to revive the U,S.

manufacturing industry.

A Trump presidency, McMumhiaf told supporters at a rally last November, would unleash the U’s “great American energy and talent.”

That strategy backfired, as the economy was in free fall.

Since then, Utah has suffered a severe decline in the manufacturing sector.

In January, the state lost 4,800 manufacturing jobs, according to figures released by the Utah Department of Commerce.

In December, the unemployment was 10.2 percent.

The state also lost nearly 6,000 retail jobs.

In August, McMillahft’s plan to revive U.s manufacturing sector collapsed.

He also promised to slash taxes for the wealthy, who typically benefit from lower corporate taxes.

But that plan fell flat.

The Republican candidate also made promises to restore the state`s borders, cut taxes and reinstate the death penalty.

Trump’s campaign has repeatedly called out McMullich for his failure to deliver on these promises.

The Trump campaign has also claimed that McMullach was too soft on illegal immigration, arguing that his policies on immigration were too tough.

“We`re not going to have people coming into Utah that are here illegally, that are in the U., that have no papers,” Trump said during the campaign.

McMillions economic policies have also attracted criticism.

According to the Census Bureau, Utah lost nearly 10,000 net jobs between 2016 and 2021.

A number of other states also experienced a similar loss of jobs between 2000 and 2021, according the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington-based think tank.

Utah lost roughly 6,800 jobs in 2016.

Utah also had the fourth-highest unemployment rate in the nation in 2020, behind only Texas, Mississippi and Georgia.

The economy has also struggled with other factors, including the state being hit by the severe wildfires that have ravaged the state.

The wildfires also hit the economy hard.

The fires destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, and killed nine people.

In November, McMillianas tax plan also failed to attract enough support to pass.

A bill in Congress that would have restored funding for fire prevention and response programs stalled on the House floor after Republican leaders did not sign off on it.

And Trump, while pledging to repeal and replace Obamacare, failed to provide an alternative to the Affordable Care Act during the 2016 campaign.

Trump also pledged during the presidential campaign to create 10 million jobs and cut taxes by $1 trillion.

McMilions economic recovery has been slow.

McMahiahts first budget, released in August of 2018, called for the state and the country to invest in “a new American economy that creates more good jobs, creates more economic opportunity, and delivers a better quality of life for everyone.”

McMillion’s second budget released in November, in which he proposed spending $1.4 trillion over the next decade to invest $100 billion in the state, said the state would recover by 2035, after which the economy would return to growth.

“The first and last step is to create the jobs that our state needs,” McMillans first budget said.

But while McMullions economic plans did not include much in the way of spending cuts, they did include a number of tax increases, including a 3 percent tax on the wealthy.

McMills second budget also called for a $1,000 surcharge on the middle class.

“I want to build a new American middle class that will grow jobs and prosperity and prosperity for everyone,” McMullons second budget said, adding that the surcharge would be paid for by cutting taxes.

Trump has also promised that McMilliaf will provide “a lot of tax relief for working people

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