The new Windows 10 desktop, the Surface RT and a new Intel Core i5

Nov 2, 2021 News file

By now, most Windows fans are familiar with the Surface Pro 3 and Surface RT, which debuted back in April as the new Windows 7 Ultrabook line.

The Surface Pro line has since been expanded to include the Surface Book and Surface Studio line of ultrabooks, which together form the Surface family of tablets.

But while those devices are the ones you’ll be seeing at CES, the company is also going to unveil a new version of Windows 10.

It’s the Windows 10 Mobile version of the OS, and the new version, codenamed the Windows Mobile 10, will be released as a free update for all users starting with April 15.

While it’s not a full rebranding of Windows 8, Microsoft says it’s also an attempt to keep the Windows family intact by removing all of the old-school, boring desktop software and replacing it with a fresh and exciting design that’s focused on the tablet.

Microsoft isn’t just making the Windows desktop experience more appealing by moving to the modern UI and more modern design.

The company is even going as far as to include a new user interface called “Metro” that will make it easier for people to navigate the new UI.

But if you’re looking for a glimpse of what Windows 10 looks like, there’s a few things to note.

The Windows 10 mobile OS will be powered by the new Intel Atom processor that powers the Surface 3 and Pro 3.

This means that Windows 10 on the Surface is going to be powered mostly by the same CPU that powers every other Windows PC.

It’ll also run on the same 32-bit ARM architecture used in Surface tablets.

And unlike most desktop OSes, Windows 10 won’t be built for touch input.

Instead, the UI will focus on a new type of input called Cortana.

The UI for Cortana is going be powered largely by Microsoft’s own Cortana technology, which has been used in the Windows Hello facial recognition tech on Windows Hello-enabled smartphones and tablets.

It works by identifying the user’s face and automatically identifying a variety of items that the user can type in response to the question, “Are you My Cortana?”

Cortana has a number of capabilities that will allow it to interact with the user.

First and foremost, it can help you find the right app.

Cortana will be able to recognize apps like Instagram, Yelp, Netflix, Google Play Movies and TV, and even search for the right apps.

Cortana also knows how to show you a personalized message that is relevant to your specific needs.

For example, if you want to learn how to use Cortana for the first time, you can open up a new window and type in “Learn Cortana” to get the “Get Started” section.

Cortana can also recognize your location and start a search to get directions to the nearest Starbucks or the nearest gas station.

The new version also has a new voice assistant called Cortana Edge, which will be Microsoft’s answer to Google Assistant.

Cortana Edge will be part of the “Microsoft Edge” ecosystem, which is basically Microsoft’s version of Google’s Assistant, and it will be available on the Windows Store.

Cortana and Edge will work on the desktop, tablet, and smartphone and will be controlled by a single button on the right side of the screen.

Microsoft has also added a new feature called Cortana Personalization to the desktop version of Cortana.

It allows you to customize the Cortana experience to match your personal preferences, and there are also several Cortana-enabled features that can be customized.

For instance, if Cortana is a fan of a particular music genre or style of music, Cortana can tell you about it and give you recommendations to buy it.

Cortana Personalizes will also allow Cortana to show your personalized notifications to your friends, so you can get updates about those friends and even tell them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Microsoft also said that Cortana will also be able recognize when you’re in a new location, and will let you know when a friend has moved away from you.

This will be useful if you are moving to a new city or moving away from your friends because they might be busy or too busy to see you.

You can also control Cortana’s voice to respond to your voice commands, and if Cortana asks for directions to a specific destination, you’ll have the option of taking the train, bus, or ferry instead of using a specific route.

Cortana’s facial recognition and voice recognition tech is all powered by Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft’s new version will also support a new new type.

Called Cortana Sense, it will make Cortana smarter by learning about your environment and automatically detecting what is important to you based on the information you give it.

Microsoft will also add new features to Cortana that can help it recognize your handwriting and make recommendations about what to buy.

Microsoft is also adding support for Microsoft Edge, the new browser that will run on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft Edge will also get new capabilities that are specifically geared towards Windows 10 tablets, and Microsoft is giving you the option to control it

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