Uber has launched a new payment gateway service called “Ecommerce Auto”

Jul 13, 2021 News file

Ecommerce Auto is a new online payment gateway for Uber and Lyft, a company that has recently been under fire from the government and consumer advocacy groups.

Uber and other ride-hailing services are currently prohibited from accepting credit card payments through ride-sharing services like Uber and Grab.

However, the companies recently said they will soon be able to accept credit cards through Uber and its competitor Lyft, allowing them to make payments through an online service that allows people to accept payment from other people.

Uber said that it is working with the U.S. Justice Department to bring “robust consumer protections” to the payment system and that “ECommerce Auto” will allow people to easily transfer credit cards and debit cards between Uber and the companies.

The companies said that “we are in the process of setting up a separate ecommerce portal, which will allow customers to quickly and easily transfer funds between our systems.”

Uber also announced that the new service will allow its drivers to accept payments from riders.

According to the announcement, the new payment system will “enable drivers to use Uber’s existing customer-focused payments services, like Stripe, PayPal, Paypal, and more, as well as to leverage Uber’s ability to securely process payments across all of our payment gateways, making it easier for drivers to meet their riders needs.”

Uber, Lyft, and Grab have been embroiled in a fierce battle with the Justice Department, which has said that the companies have engaged in “grossly unfair” practices with their payment services.

In April, the Justice oncologist who is leading the investigation into Uber and how it has treated riders filed a complaint against Uber and several other ride service companies, saying that Uber has failed to disclose that its drivers use the services of a third party company called Paypal.

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