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Cyber security rules for ecommerce are set to be made public as EU rules are being finalized

The EU has published rules to govern the handling of cyber threats and cybercrime, including how to respond to online theft.

The European Union’s Cyber Security Directive (CODE) was unveiled last month by European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis and will now be formally published on Tuesday, as part of the Commission’s legislative programme.

It will be followed by a new draft cyber security rule for the European Union in the coming months.

According to a document published on Monday, the CODE “includes requirements to protect the confidentiality of customer data, to ensure that legal actions are carried out to protect personal data, and to ensure the implementation of the rules in the interests of public safety and security”.

The EU is looking at ways to “improve the effectiveness of our systems and processes and to enable a more efficient, secure and transparent digital society”.”CODE provides a blueprint for the EU to address cyber threats,” said Dombrovskiis.

“It aims to ensure greater interoperability between the internal and external sectors of the EU, to increase transparency and to enhance the effectiveness and quality of EU services, including financial services.”

The draft directive will also apply to the bloc’s member states, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia and the UK.

Under the rule, “identity data” and “information security” will be considered a “cyber threat”, while “cybertrust” will include the risk of “serious damage” or “incidents” caused by cybercrime.

According a statement from the Commission, the European Cyber Risk Protection Agency (ECRPA) is “preparing” a draft guidance on the rules, which will be presented to EU countries later this year.

Cyber security rules were already a subject of considerable debate after revelations in April that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had been monitoring European data and had been caught snooping on EU citizens’ emails and social media accounts.EU officials have also been concerned about the way EU citizens in the US have been able to access their bank accounts, and have expressed concerns about the US’s ongoing surveillance of the European Commission.

The new draft rules are part of an EU programme of cyber-security, and will cover all aspects of digital communications, including the handling and storage of data.

“Codes will help the Commission understand the digital economy better and how to support digital services to its citizens and companies,” said the statement from Dombrajskiis, which emphasised the importance of the rule’s privacy protections.

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