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The new wave of ‘tweeting wars’ has left US citizens ‘at war’ with one another

A wave of social media wars has taken over the US, with both sides blaming each other for the deaths of their users.

The US is being blamed for a rash of deaths and injuries, including one death that occurred on Thursday.

The social media platform Twitter has responded with a series of public apologies and public assurances.

But it has also faced a backlash over its handling of the issue.

US President Donald Trump’s chief of staff, John Kelly, said on Twitter that the company was not the victim of a hoax.

He also claimed that the deaths were caused by a “toxic” atmosphere on the platform.

In the US Congress, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee both issued scathing statements on Twitter, accusing Twitter of “stealing our country” for using a hashtag to blame the deaths on President Trump.

But Mr Kelly also defended the company’s use of the hashtag.

“Twitter has been doing this for years and has been very good at taking care of its users,” he said.

The US President’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, also blamed the hashtag on the US media, saying it was “a false flag” tactic to distract from his efforts to address the opioid crisis. “

As for the other side, we are not the victims of a conspiracy, or a conspiracy theory.”

The US President’s spokesman, Sean Spicer, also blamed the hashtag on the US media, saying it was “a false flag” tactic to distract from his efforts to address the opioid crisis.

The tweets came after a spate of violent protests against Mr Trump’s agenda in recent weeks, including a violent rally in Virginia that led to several people being killed.

Mr Trump has been blamed for several incidents involving protests and violence in recent days.

The President has since blamed “many sides” for the unrest, including protesters in Virginia, Puerto Rico and elsewhere. “

I called to congratulate them on their safety, and we will get to the bottom of this situation.”

The President has since blamed “many sides” for the unrest, including protesters in Virginia, Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

He has also used the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to voice his support for Black Lives Matter.

The hashtag has become an increasingly common symbol for US protests against the President’s policies.

“Our country has been turned upside down by a lack of leadership and leadership from our President,” Mr Kelly said.

Twitter’s response to the US government criticism came after the US Senate Intelligence Committee asked Twitter for information on the deaths.

The committee’s top Democrat, Senator Chris Coons, called for Twitter to provide a full and complete accounting of the deaths, and also to provide the identities of all of the people killed and injured.

“This is the kind of information that will allow us to find out exactly what happened, what led up to it, and what was said to cover it up,” he told ABC News.

Twitter has not responded to the senators’ request for information.

US Representative Jared Huffman, who is also the top Democrat on the committee, called on Twitter to “provide the committee with all relevant information about what happened and who killed the people that were killed.”

Twitter responded that it was reviewing its policies and processes, but declined to comment further on the claims.

Twitter said that its policies had been followed, and that it had implemented new procedures to ensure its users’ safety.

The company also confirmed that it would not be taking any further action until it had reviewed its policies.

Twitter, which is valued at more than $1 trillion, has been criticised for its lack of transparency about the deaths and the deaths’ cause.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Twitter has been under pressure from Congress to explain the events leading up to the deaths after a federal judge ruled that the social media site had to turn over the information it received from the government.

US senators have also called for the company to release data about the victims.

“It’s an epidemic in America.

It’s an issue that affects every American, and it has been for years,” Senator Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, told CNN.

Twitter is owned by Google, and has more than 200 million users worldwide.

The news comes as the social networking platform faces increasing pressure to stop the deaths it is causing.

On Thursday, Mr Kelly’s deputy, Robert Duran, was suspended from Twitter after the social network revealed that he “made false claims of being the subject of an investigation”.

Twitter suspended Mr Duran from his job after a reporter pointed out that Mr Durand had been fired by the company last year for lying about his experience.

Twitter did not specify the reason behind Mr Durangs suspension, but Mr Kelly has been criticized for his handling of allegations against the company.

Twitter announced on Thursday it was instituting a system to prevent “abuse” on the social site, but did not provide any details about how it would do so.

Twitter declined to say how many employees have been suspended for their posts or


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