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Why you need to have a digital strategy to sell ecommerce

There’s a growing market for ecommerce sites with a physical presence, and Amazon’s decision to open a new retail location in downtown Minneapolis is helping them reach new customers.

The online retail giant’s new store is called Amazon.com Center.

The mall has been a magnet for shoppers since opening in January 2018.

Amazon said the new store will feature an “all-digital experience,” with the goal of attracting and attracting new customers to the mall and helping it “continue to grow.”

Amazon said that the new location is located within the mall’s existing “center for innovation” and will allow the company to “focus on growing its physical stores and its ecommerce businesses.”

The mall already boasts over 2,000 Amazon locations across the U.S. and Canada.

In addition to offering a new physical store, Amazon is also adding two new online retail options.

One is called “The Prime Pantry,” a grocery store that will sell a variety of products for $25 a pop.

The other is called the “Prime Store,” which will sell merchandise ranging from jewelry to home goods.

Both stores are open to all U.K. shoppers, and the company is currently in talks with the mall to expand the offerings.

The new store has been on the drawing board for some time.

The company has been in talks for a few years to build a new store in the mall, but the process took more than two years, according to a spokesperson for Amazon.


The retailer said in a statement that the Prime Pantries and Prime Stores will “provide a unique shopping experience” and that the retail giant is “currently in discussions with the local community to open both locations.”


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