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Walmart to add $100,000 Walmart employee pay boost

Walmart is set to announce a $100 million pay boost to its U.S. workforce this week, which will be the largest one-time pay increase in Walmart’s history.

Walmart is reportedly set to unveil the pay hike, which it plans to announce next month, in the form of a statement issued Monday.

According to a report from Bloomberg Businessweek, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon is expected to make the announcement in an executive conference call with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The statement is expected on Monday.

The increase is expected in part due to the company’s efforts to diversify its workforce, which has been heavily focused on its U, D, and S divisions, which have seen the largest pay hikes in Walmart history.

McMillon said in December that the company was committed to increasing its U- and D-level employees, and also announced plans to raise pay in its other U.A.C. division by more than $1 million over the next two years.

The pay hike will be a major boon for U.C.-based employees, whose pay has been stagnant or even declined in recent years.

Walmart has long been criticized for paying its U and D workers so little that they are often not eligible for overtime pay.

In 2018, for example, Walmart paid its U workers an average of $12.74 per hour and paid them an average $8.15 per hour for each hour of overtime they worked.

In 2019, that average was $12 per hour.

In 2020, the average was just $11 per hour, and in 2021, it was $10.50 per hour—a difference of $1.43 per hour per worker.

In January, Walmart announced that it was cutting its U level workers’ average hourly wage by 10 percent over the year.

The company had previously planned to pay U workers $10 per hour over the course of their contract, but has since changed its mind.

Last month, Walmart also announced that U-level workers in the U.W. would receive a $1,000 pay raise.

The wage hike will bring the average hourly U-to-U pay for U-Backed workers to $19.63.

It will also bring the total hourly pay for all U-backed employees to $23.69.


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